[Compensation completed] June 12, 2023 (JST) some users' event challenge ended suddenly

During June 12, 2023 17:07-17:36 (JST), there was an issue that some users’ event challenge ended and a new event started suddenly. At around 21:17 (JST), the following actions were taken for the affected users.

  • The new event challenge (Chess Decor Pikmin Event) has ended and the Fingerboard Decor Pikmin Event Challenge has been restarted. Progress has been reset to Stage 1 and the Premium Event Pass status has changed to not purchased yet. If it’s not updated, please try restarting the app.
  • We would like to sincerely apologize that progress of stages and individual missions cannot be restored.
  • Due to technical difficulties in restoring the purchase status of Premium Event Pass, we will return the coins for the passes purchased. Please purchase again if you wish to continue using it.

Also, as a token of our apology, the following items have been granted to eligible users.

Eligible users

All users whose Fingerboard Decor Pikmin event progress was reset due to the above issue.

Receipt due date: Aug 31, 2023 14:59 (UTC)

Granted items for all eligible users

The following items will be granted in two separate dialogues.

  • Gold Seedlings (Fingerboard) x 3
  • Mushroom Recharge Tickets x 3
  • White hydrangea petals x 100
  • Red hydrangea petals x 100
  • Blue hydrangea petals x 100
  • White calla lily petals x 100
  • Yellow calla lily petals x 100
  • Red White calla lily petals x 100
  • Blue calla lily petals x 100

Additional compensation for eligible users who had purchased a Event Premium Pass

The eligible users will receive a third dialogue and will be compensated with the following bonus coins.

  • 999 Bonus Coins (equivalent to purchase of Event Premium Pass)
  • 680 Bonus Coins (equivalent to purchase of a Graffiti Print T-shirt with a special mission to obtain a gold seedling)

Total: 1679 coins


  • If you can not see the item dialogue, please try restarting the app.
  • Please note that you will not be able to receive the items after the receipt due date.
  • If you have experienced this issue but didn’t receive the compensation, please contact in-app support and select the category “General Questions”. Please see this support article for instructions on how to contact us.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We look forward to your continued support of Pikmin Bloom.