Flower Petal storage not matching up

When I browse my Flower Petal storage, I count the following:

27 White flasks/containers
20 Yellow flasks/containers
25 Red flasks/containers
18 Blue flasks/containers

So a total of 90 different flasks/containers

When I try to FILL one of these with nectar I found, I only count 43

14 White
10 Yellow
17 Red
2 Blue

So why can’t I see the rest of them?
Flower Petal storage overview, I see that I have some fruit for some of the flasks/containers.

But in the nectar overview, they are not there, so how do I fill them if not ALL the 90 pots show up?

Hi, @DasTarD! Welcome to the community forum.

Collecting fruits can give you Nectars and each fruit you collect will reward you with a specific type of Nectar. If you want to see all the Nectars you currently have in your inventory, just tap on the Whistle icon, then tap on the Nectar icon. You’ll be able to see your whole list there. Note that once you reach the maximum limit, you won’t be able to collect any more of that particular Nectar.

Also, just a quick heads up - the Flower Petal storage is where you can collect Petals of different flowers. All you need to do is select the “Petal” icon on the display and scroll down to find the list. Please try reloading the app as it often resolves the issue.

If you have any specific errors, contact us via in-app support and we will look into them in detail (https://tinyurl.com/4xp4zu85).


This is not what I meant.

The nectar page (whiste) shows the nectar pots and the amount of nectar I can put IN to the pots.
It shows 43 pots, some are full, others aren’t but there is no nectar for it.

Then when I look in my Flower Petal storage, I see 90 pots, in small grey I can see how many nectar I have and can put in.

Why do the 90 pots do not show up on the nectar page?

Hi, @DasTarD! I’m sorry that your doubt is still not clear. Could you please contact us through in-app support by sharing the screenshot of it so we can check and assist you better?