No seedling awarded

I keep getting repeat. After completing mission 30, I don’t get any seedling. I only left 1 purple Easter but I don’t get any seedling even I finished the mushroom.

Hi, @kevchao! Welcome to the community forum. It’s impressive that you have already accomplished 30 missions! Your commitment to the game is truly praiseworthy. Unfortunately, the rewards are distributed randomly, which means that duplicates are bound to occur. However, you can be confident that the rewards will not disappear. I recommend reinstalling the application and verifying once more.

What do you mean verifying??? I only left 2 days. How do I obtain the purple seedling for Easter? I’m using iPhone for this game. @NianticModAK

Any update?

@NianticModAK i have uninstalled the app. Installed back. I still don’t get the award.

I don’t see any seedling at all. Appreciate that someone can look into the matter.

@kevchao! Based on our review of your account, it appears that you’ve recently received a Gold Seedling as a reward. However, it’s important to note that obtaining a specific seedling is random. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing the “Special Mission Ticket: Spring Festival,” which provides a dedicated mission and the chance to obtain a gold seedling in your preferred color, and this mission can be completed by June 30, 2024, at 23:59 .