Party walk invitation?

Can we post party walk invitations on this app, for others to join? Im hosting one and want people to join. Thanks

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Hello @wallflowerivy . As per the Pikmin Bloom Support Community Guidelines (I. Avoid Inappropriate Content), contents that include any information about personal identity, including information of Party Walk, should be avoided.

You may refer to this post: Pikmin Bloom Support Community Guidelines

Okay thank you

Thanks everybody but im only interested in hosting walks not joining

IDK how to add friends

The only way currently is by sharing your QR code. Hopefully they will add the ability to add friends, sharing a QR code isn’t really a great way to share. The only people I know that play are my parents and that’s because I got them into it lol

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Same! The only people i know that arent online friends are just one of my friends, and 2 family members

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Lo siento no estoy acceptando invitaciones de nadie ahora, gracias ^^ tampoco hablo español muy bien perdóna me😅

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