Postcard Storage

Can we PLEASE increase the limit on postcard storage? I’ve had to start maliciously deleting postcards in order to collect new ones. I don’t even send postcards to friends much anymore because I know they’ll probably send one back. This is a dilemma, especially if you’re someone like me who travels a lot and wants to keep postcards from places they’ve visited. I want to go to Expo in Japan next year, and I won’t even be able to collect postcards while I’m there at this point! Maybe at least if you’re over a certain level, you get an increase?

I imagine that you have the 2k postcard storage, right? (I say that because the bot is gonna give the usual answer that you can purchase it in the shop) You dont say it in the post.

And there is no upgrade storage by level, only the pikmins for squad or mushrooms, the other levels are single use items or basic nectar.

Yes, I’m maxed out on the postcard storage, I have 2000 already :confused: I’d happily pay for more. What I meant is, maybe they could change it so that if you’re at level “x” or above, you are allowed to buy more than 2000 postcard storage.