[Resolved] April 12, 2024 Chess Seedling rewarded when participating in Easter mushrooms in other countries


During April 12, 2024 in the user’s local time, there was an issue that when invited to participate in the “Easter Mushrooms” in other countries, the seedlings sometimes obtained were “chess” Decor Pikmin seedlings.

This issue occurs when;

  • The user’s own local time is still April 12, 2024
  • The local time in the invited mushroom country is after April 13, 2024


If you are experiencing this issue and have obtained a “chess” gold seedling or a large seedling, please contact in-app support and select the category “General Questions”. Please see this support article for instructions on how to contact us.

We have already fixed this issue so that it will not happen in future events.

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That was a really quick fix. Looking forward to it in the next release. Thank you for your efforts. :bouquet: