[Resolved] The mushroom type may change when you joined just after the rate changed


For the “Special Mushroom Rate Increase” event, the mushroom type may have changed when the detail screen is displayed before the event starts and you join the mushroom after the event starts. This issue is caused by the following procedure.

  • Just before the event starts, you view the detail screen for mushrooms that no one has joined yet.
  • At the event start time, mushrooms that have not yet been joined by anyone will automatically reappear according to the event’s appearance rate.
  • Therefore, if the time after the event starts comes while the detail screen is still open and the “GO” button is pressed, it will be a different mushroom than the one that was initially displayed.

This issue also occurs when the mushroom detail screen is displayed just before the end of the event and the “GO” button is pressed after the event is over.


Resolved on July 5, 2023.