Save special nectar before long distance travel

You want to make sure your new pikmin reach 4 hearts and fetch their :gift: before you return home or else you’ll have to wait a looooooong time before they return. I learned the hard way when my pikmin had to cross the Pacific ocean.


@KippyPippy oh, wow! even though I knew about the consequences of traveling, I never considered using the special nectars as a way to avoid the delay! :sweat_smile:

I would only add for new players that they might actually find it kind of fun to watch their pikmin slooooowly travel back to their origin points. I live on the Gulf Coast and liked the anticipation of waiting on my NYC pikmin to return. It made those pikmin feel extra special. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

However, I do know a few players who live near me traveled to Taiwan earlier this year, and THOSE pikmin took a whole month to come back. I don’t think I could wait a full month, lol.

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