Spring 2024 event haul

Did anyone complete the bunny or sticker collections? I got frustratingly close. I got lucky last year and completed the egg collection.

Here is my haul:

20 bunny eggs, + one huge Bunny egg close to hatching
20 spring stickers
34 regular eggs (many from last year)

I also got all the costumes :hot_face: it was a lot of walking!

Let the great culling, I mean release of pikmin commence!

P.s. these were earned without spending money during the events, though I have spent a few dollars in the past for more storage. Just wanted to encourage you that if you walk far enough daily, planting flowers, doing solely mystery mushroom battles with other players, and manage your resources carefully, it’s possible. Also I only got to this state after playing for a year so you need a good quantity of pikmin, such as last year’s event pikmin

Also don’t be afraid of joining weekly challenges with random players, that’s how you make friends who hopefully will invite you to giant mushrooms battles occasionally.

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I did manage to complete the new event sets without spending extra money on them also. I’ve been prepared in case I needed to add premium by getting through the whole 4 stages 2 times, but wasn’t necessary. Did use 2 weekly tickets to make sure I could get the spring stickers but I’m not sure even that was necessary. The diamond cards concern me though… Not sure I can get all 14 of those without buying but we’ll see

I was prepared to use mushroom recharge tickets to get the spring stickers but managed to complete the set with 5 days to spare without needing to use any tickets. I also did not have any problems completing the easter eggs and bunny eggs. I was forced to spend money to get an elusive rock flower card 2024 pikmin however. I will likely need to spend money to complete the diamond cards since this month’s event is an exact carbon copy of March’s event. The 1/8 rng chance of getting a particular pikmin from completing event challenge missions can be brutal.

@mostwoeful Lucky you!!! I made it around stage 9 when the event ended.

I’m too stubborn and a tightwad when it comes to spending money to complete the sets. Especially for these giant collections like playing cards. It took me forever to complete the original sticker set.

I completed the gold new year’s set only because they gave out that special pick-your-choice gold seedling when you completed enough stages. (Or am I misremembering it?) I wish they would always give out a your-choice seedling after you get past stage 8.

I’ve had other events where I haven’t been soo lucky and had to pay for a single one or premium (granted I’m terrible at getting the gambling mechanism to give me a seedling unless that’s all that’s available) I dorked up on the last 2024 flower card event and deleted one of the new 2024 blue cards cause it looked too similar to the original 2023 set. (I like to keep at least one of each)