Suggestion: Mixed Nectar/Flower Planting via a Queue

When feeding Pikmin, it would be nice if we could feed multiple types of Nectar to Pikmin instead of having to choose just one at a time.

I could see us being able to select multiple types of nectar at once, and the game would cycle through the ones we had selected when dropping them. This would allow players to have a diverse selection of flowers.

Likewise, when planting, it would be cool to be able to select multiple types of Petals to plant, and have the game choose which petal to switch to/consume next when you use up the current petal, thus allowing you to cycle through them with each individual petal consumption. That would allow people to have diverse petal trails. It would also allow people keep their planting streak going longer instead of stopping when they run out the single petal type they selected.

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In short, I would like a Nectar Queue and Petal Queue system to be implemented.

Example Scenario. I am on the nectar screen. I hit a button to enter “Multi Mode”. I select Red, White, and Blue. Red gains a 1 icon, White gains a 2, Blue gains a 3. Then when I drop a nectar, it will cycle through the types in that order

Similarly, the same thing would go for petals. When I consume the Red Flower Petal, White is set to be the next one to be consumed and planted, then blue… Repeating as such.

There could even be a “Random” setting when in multi-mode, where it randomly chooses the next one from the set that was selected.

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