Suggestions for Pikmin Bloom Improvements/Updates

Hello everyone!

I’m hoping to get support for the idea to have larger teams for walking and flower planting challenges, especially when you have big groups of friends who all want to play together!!

Apart from that, and more Niantic-specific, I wish you could link the same account for multiple games. So far, I can link Pokemon Go and Ingress Prime with the same account (FB/Gmail/Apple Games) but for some reason, it refuses to link with Pikmin Bloom as well. It would be nice to have just the one Niantic ID. :slight_smile:


This is my first post here, so hello everyone!

I’ve been a Pikmin Bloom player since its Beta, specifically since the very beginning. I think one of the most important thing in this game is the currency, since so many aspects of the game revolve around it. Which is why I’d like to propose a way to get coins by, maybe, interacting with your Pikmins everyday? Maybe tapping on a Pikmin could make you earn a few coins from time to time? Or there could be fun little mini-games or ‘‘Daily quests’’ that you’d have to fill in order to get currency without having to plant flowers?

The prices are going up and it is currently not possible to keep up with everything (costumes, tickets and whatnot) that get added in the game without paying. Please help make the game more accessible to new players, as I’ve seen plenty of people complaining about how hard it is to get coins! I understand the emphasis on planting flowers, especially since they’re another important game mechanic, but I feel like having a coin limit is just… really limiting, lol.

Please do consider upvoting this post, so that hopefully Niantics can see. Have a good day!


Get coins in Pikmin Bloom isn’t hard, but yeah, if you don’t play every day since a very long time at the game, the coins are… Useless ? If you don’t have any money for just upgrade your limit of Pikmin for example, why I will upgrade this ? If I don’t play every day, I will don’t upgrade this, because it will be too much long and I don’t want to plant flowers every times I walk. I can’t plant flowers every where, or whenever.
I think your idea can be a good idea !

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I just went through and deleted 150 Pikmin to make room for more, but it was such a painful process. From what I understand, there’s no good way to mass remove Pikmin.

I play a lot of PokemonGo and the Pokemon management is much nicer. There are tons of filters to drill down to get exactly the Pokemon you want. You can then multi-select the Pokemon you want to transfer. Something like that here would be super helpful.


I wish the fruit would last until the flower stopped blooming, allowing for each player to get one fruit if they plant a flower nearby, instead of the fruit only being available for one hour after blooming.

That way players can benefit from each other’s efforts and players lacking seasonal nectar can more easily obtain it.:rosette::apple:+:clock12::clock12::clock12:=:smile::smile::smile:


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Please add bulk release as an option when selecting multiple pikmin.


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We, Pikmin players know that Pikmin have their predators: Bulbords.

So why not to include them as part in the game, and occasionally losing few Pikmin being eaten by Bulbords?
It would help to have an equilibrium in the amount of Pikmin we have, and avoiding the need of releasing them one by one.

On the other hand please include a feature that allows players to release several Pikmin simultaneously.


A quick way to start planting flowers or having some sort of widget to start planting would be great. When I plant flowers, I’m usually trying to leave the house or enter a grocery store but then have to wait for the game to load and then also have to wait and watch the cutscene of me destroying a mushroom before I can start planting. I could plant so many flowers while doing deliveries with just the tap of a button.

I should also add that I need to plant baby blue eyes for a mission during the spring/Easter event and have hardly gotten any. For well over a week I have not gotten a single baby blue eye nectar. My boyfriend is having the same problem and we are unable to progress unless we spend our precious hard earned coins (which we want to save to upgrade our storage) on the flowers. I think giving out more of the nectar we need for these missions would be nice since this happened with past events.

Which reminds me, I have wanted to gift him flowers or nectar that I’m not using that he needs. Being able to send or trade flowers/nectar would be nice.


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Earth Day event will give away 2 huge seedlings for location categories decor Pikmin, acorn and shell. Huge seedlings for location categories should be given away on a more regular basis. One way to do this is to introduce a Featured Decor of the Week. All completed weekly challenges will include a huge seedling of the featured decor.

Ive been wanting a widget for android phones for so long, and also to be able to gift necar or flowers! Great ideas.


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I wish there was a way to easily filter or sort Pikmin by number of hearts. I always try to select Pikmin with no decor that have less than 4 filled hearts for expeditions and what not. That way I can build up their friendship level to get gifts. I normally sort by Friendship highest to lowest so I can select the Pikmin that are closer to their gift. To do this I have to scroll through all my Pikmin with 4+ hearts and decor… Only work around I found so far is to favorite Pikmin I’m trying to build friendships of.


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This is another way to keep long term players engaged in the game.

The battles can involve higher risk (pikmin casualties :skull: , maybe losing some experience points rather than extermination) but greater rewards :coin::crown:. Players strategize sending strong pikmin vs sacrificial pawns. Risk/Reward increases with monster type.

Due to risk, event should be limited to higher level players. Or limit beginners to easier monsters like grubs.

The app could offer spicy nectar and other battle tools in the store. There would be opportunities for all sorts of new badges. I’d be partial to badges or mementos depicting the monsters that were conquered. Another type of storage that will need expansion over time…

I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough participate, but it might be a good way to cull off my duplicates instead of just releasing them for petals.

Players would be encouraged to keep walking to earn resources for these battles.


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