Taxi ship for travelers

When I travel I don’t want to raise Pikmin from far away places. It would be nice if I could set up satellite ships to pick up and taxi them when they have to go really far away. Just sucks to ignore expeditions because I know the resulting pikmin would need half a year to upgrade itself and it might honestly be faster if I just wait till I visit the birth location again. The item could work once a day like the item finder.

It exist but this anniversary is the first time that we have the drone with coins, 1180 to be exact (with other items) Have to use one for each expedition you want to complete.

There isnt a easy f2p method to taxi pikmins, that doesnt seems too much f2p.

Dont know when they come again (this finish the 31th May) because the drone it isnt always in the shop.

The drone was created last year on the 1.5 anniversary; it seems to have been given away for free at some point since we have three on hand.

The (tie-in) sale of drones is done from time to time.

I dont have any and I play since november 2021, maybe you buy something that give it.
Or in that update have some kind of problem, they give it to some players that have the problem (dont remember the issue, only that they give to some members of my PB discord)

It appears to have been sold during the 1.5 year anniversary event. Oh, I wonder if I bought it?

Before I travel, I stock up on special nectar. Then while in travel I use my target pikmin to send on expeditions to raise their heart levels before I leave. The day before I leave I use the special nectar to raise the pikmin levels to four hearts so they can get the present while I’m still there, before I return home. This way I don’t have to wait for them to fetch and return presents.

This method worked well for me recently when I traveled from US West coast, to the East coast for a week. My East Coast pikmin got their presents before I returned to West Coast

I rarely use special nectar anymore except for while on travel.

Yeah, that’s the first time the drone come to the game.
But sometimes (currently it is) they bring back them.