This pikmin seems to be busy with a mushroom

first of all, sorry for using translator.

Here is my issue.

When the destruction of the mushrooms is over, pikmins don’t come back to the squad.

So I click the pikmin tap and find that pikimins and then click the ‘add to squad’

then only I can see is “This pikmin seems to be busy with a mushroom” message.

Sometimes, even though other expeditions are over, they don’t come back with same busy with a mushroom message. (getting fruits, etc)

please help me to get back my pikmins.

Hi, @mold98! We are thrilled to welcome you to the community forum!

If you encounter the error message, it could be due to an ongoing mushroom activity. Once the Pikmin return from their expeditions or mushrooms, they will be automatically placed back into the squad, but only if there is an available opening in the squad.

I mean, my problem is, pikmins are not automatically coming back from mushroom.

that mushroom event is finished about two days ago. but in my map, pikmins are there and just showing that message.

my squad is not full also.

Those Pikmins might have mashroom rewards eg. fruites or postcard.

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