Why Event Mushrooms are completely ruining the game

Ever since the beginning of the year, every single event has featured a different type of event mushrooms. Even though some of them have had unique designs, they always function the same way and give some more purpose to using event Decor Pikmin. Before the 2024 New Years event, event mushrooms had only ever appeared 4 times, and only for a small part of an event. THIS was a perfect integration of them - a unique bonus for a small amount of events that only showed up for a short period.

But now, as events have gotten more and more pay to win (for lack of a better term), and MUCH less fun, completing ruining the game, Event Mushrooms have become a regular part of every event, and it is ruining the game. Before event mushrooms existed, you always had a reason to go out and look for different types of mushrooms. Different colors, and the unique elemental special mushrooms. For some events, destroying ANY type of mushroom rewarded a mystery box that could be used to get Special Decor Pikmin.

Mushroom Battles WERE one of the most unique aspects of the game. Different types required you to have strong teams of Pikmin for each type. But now, because of Event Mushrooms being required to collect all Decor Pikmin of a special decor pikmin category, there is NO incentive at all to battle other mushroom types besides these. Because the game is so pay to win now, with collecting special Decor Pikmin sadly being the main focus, you feel like you are losing out when battling anything besides an event mushroom.


  • Event Mushrooms ruin the game by removing any incentive to do any other type of mushroom.

I really hope that as Pikmin Bloom continues to receive focus and more events continue to take place, you guys will realize that NOBODY enjoys the current event system, and that event mushrooms completely ruin the game. I know how much potential Pikmin Bloom has to be a great game, and I really hope the developers realize this as well and put in the effort to truly make the game enjoyable once again.


Yeah event mushrooms are taking some of the steam out of the normal ones. I start going to normal ones once I got everything I wanted out of the event ones. It would be kinda nice to have a bit more time between events too but the events themselves are better than the old days. They used to give normal nectar and normal flower petals in the prize spinner but the new system is nice for the prizes at least and at the beginning the events were ridiculous (aside from winter sticker) Winter sticker was good because basically any roadside Pikmin you got during the given time period turned into the winter sticker decor. But the flower cards were ridiculous… Not everyone can get tons of steps in a day

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Events were much better in the past, and are ridiculous now. The current event system limits how much progress you can make in a day with mushroom missions, when in the past, however much you could do counted always, and completing a list of missions GUARANTEED that you would get every single Special Decor Pikmin.

Events now basically require spending Monday and also are ruining the game completely, but that’s a topic for another post (which I plan on making soon). No matter how much effort you put in, there is no guarantee at all that you will be able to finish the event.

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I agree, I received more nectar from mushrooms on April 30 than May 1 and May 2 combined. Normal event mushrooms give out so little nectar it is insulting. This is the only game I know that holds events to punish the players rather than reward them.


I do not believe that event mushrooms are just bad.

*(It is resource intensive to build new events and the effectiveness is not assured.) The current reworking of the current system is more than sufficient to generate revenue than a new event system.
This is a rut, but I think NIANTIC has decided that until the revenue drops, it is fine.

*Players are forced to play every day to clear events, and their efforts are not always rewarded.
It is hard to reach Stage 30, but that does not necessarily mean that the event deco is ready.

There is a big difference between “playing hard every day doesn’t always get you the deco you need” and “playing hard every day doesn’t always get you the deco you need,” and the frustration of not getting the deco you need can be very high. It is not a good experience for both the management and the player to be judged as “not having all the decos is a way to get you to buy a premium pass”.

I believe that there needs to be both a system that ensures that hard players can get the deco they want and a system that makes it easy for light players to get the deco they want by paying for it.
I also think that users who play hard would like to have a period of time (or extra stages) where they can rest after competing in 1/2 to 2/3 of the event period. This will help reduce burnout.

Of course, I am well aware that NIANTIC is under no obligation to adopt these measures, but if the game is not going to be fun and long enough to play before the coins I charged at the beginning of this year run out, I will be leaving the game without paying additional money.

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:joy: I often feel the same, especially when I get unneeded petals from the mystery boxes. And whenever there’s a giant seedling mixed with gold in the prize wheel, I’ll end up getting that instead of the gold seedlings.


I agree, I use to try to keep all the mushrooms around the same… but as you can see…

Screenshot_20240516_210905_Pikmin Bloom|225x500

The ‘Other’ mushrooms have completely dominated and its really upsetting.

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I also hate that event mushrooms take so much power to get 4 stars. Towards the end of the event we should be able to do that easily, but it’s not possible. For example a normal bizarre mushroom to get 4 stars you would need 5 people with about 16k strength, so dumb.

I also wish small and normal mushrooms could grow into large mushrooms, that would be nice. I do attack non-event mushrooms if I’m trying to get a certain nectar, but this game is also so stingy/greedy and rarely gives you what you need.

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