2024 Cheese Status 🧀

10 cheese pikmin
Need the white cheese pikmin.
Working on stage 4
Got the black T-shirt today :smile:

Milk bottles and costumes seem a bit easier to get in this event, and cheese pikmin harder to get, but hopefully plenty of time left. Having bad luck with the spinner recently, getting petals. These days I’d be kinda happy to get a giant cheese seedling…

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Completed the cheese decor set when I completed stage 4 today :smile: ! Got my community day badge too.

I now have 13 cheese pikmin and one battle away from completing stage 5.

19 chesese pikmin now and need the Winged Pikmin.

On stage 7-3 of event challenge and have just cleared Mission 9 (Now on Mission 10).

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I guess I was lucky to complete the set early. Currently on stage 6. Getting cheese pikmin seems easier now that the costume rewards have been achieved and the missions are now giving out cheese.

Finally, I got the Cheese Winged Pikmin and completed the set.
It came from the gold seedlings by clearing stage 9.

Now 31 chesese pikmin and on stage10-1 of event challenge.
Regarding Mission, I cleard Mission 13 yeseterday.

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I completed!!

Cheese pikmin : 32
Mission : 12
Stage : 10-2


I have 23 cheese Pikmin and still need the blue one. So frustrating!

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@MarziMarzi, hopefully you get the blue one soon! After you get all the costumes the missions reward you with gold seedlings.

My final status:
34 cheese pikmin, all decor collected.
Halfway thru stage 10
I lost track of my mission stage but well under 30.