Missed opportunity to make more beach location Pikmin with the new coral Pikmin

These coral Pikmin would have been perfect for more beach location seedlings!

These monthly events are cool to get different Pikmin, but are also getting boring and repetitive. I miss the fun of finding more location-based Pikmin!

Maybe you can find a balance between these monthly non-location-based events and also some more location-based Pikmin, or make some location-based events?

I’m eagerly waiting for more location Pikmin to collect!


Same, although it would be a bit harder for people who don’t have beaches near them, (like me) but a good suggestion otherwise

Once coral done with event. Be nice to have it normal spawns in reef areas, to make it area exclusive sort of in tropics/sub tropics. As in part of beach group but region exclusive just lije these temple japan got as well as pogos corsola spawns

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