Niantic Content Creators Program x Pikmin Bloom

Thank you for playing Pikmin Bloom!

Today, we’d like to announce that Pikmin Bloom is now part of the Niantic Content Creator Program. Creators who’ve joined the program are in regular touch with Niantic staff, and have early access to event and update information which enables them to create accurate and timely content for their respective followers.

Below you’ll find a complete list of creators who are currently participating in the program:

Alan Yu

Bloom Buds

モグラクン / Mr. Mole

  • Please note that the list of participating creators may change.

  • If you come across any creators, social media accounts, blogs or websites who claim to be participating in the program but are not featured in the list above, please report them through the in-app support.

We hope that by supporting your favorite creators, we can help foster a vibrant and engaged community!

Walk on. Game on!