♦️ Playing Card 2024 Roster Check

I’m curious about how others are faring. Here’s where I’m at:
18 card pikmin, 3 diamond cards remaining.
I’m starting 4th leg of stage 4. Somehow managed to collect enough seasonal petals for this leg.
Mission 11, 14 cookies to go.
Completed community badge yesterday, will take it a little easier today.

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17 card Pikmin (2 waiting to sprout).

5 card Pikmin still haven’t been unlocked.

At the end of stage 3 I just need to get white carnations which have been IMPOSSIBLE to get in the game over 4+ days.

Mission 13, 1186 cookies to go.

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Got 28 card pikmin and 2 remaining.

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Status update. 30 playing cards, 6♦️ has been elusive. I have one gold playing card seedling in the queue.

Currently on mission 17, and second half of stage 7.

I also need the red spacesuit. Got lucky last year and collected all the space ships. There’s still time so I might get lucky and get the red spacesuit, but am keeping an eye on the special mission.

On mission 20 and second sub-stage of stage 8, I have just completed.

I have 35 Playing card decor pikmin now.

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Congrats @lavista1960 :tada:
I just completed my :diamonds:card set today with my 37th playing card! I was also happy to finally complete my spacesuit collection and my Cheshire cat event outfit.

Current status:
37 card pikmin
Mission 19
Stage 8

I’ve been on vacation this week so I’ve been walking a lot more than usual, allowing me to progress faster than normal.