Pls add some bottoms in future event rewards

Headwear, t-shirts are great but please offer some bottoms (pants, shorts, etc) that we can add to our outfits. It was nice getting shoes in the previous event. I’m currently wearing my yellow shoes to coordinate with my cheese shirts.


I finally bought some plain black shorts with my precious tokens. They should go with a lot of tops.

This should be in the game honestly

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Disappointing how your request didnt get into the Coral event for July (edit they were) :smiley:

Hi there, how are you doing?

I completely concur with your sentiment; I would love it if things such as bottoms, shoes, and socks were more frequently added via events.
However, personally I find that backpacks are what the game desperately needs to have in greater variety. As far as I’m aware, the only other backpack (besides the default one) to be added was the one associated with Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and unfortunately I don’t believe that it can be acquired any more.

I understand why they are undermined, as players cannot ever (to my knowledge) see you with a backpack on. Despite this though, I think offering them and potentially even offering an option which allows them to appear on the player models of other players, would be terrific! ^^
As another quick note, it would be nice if the Miis of your friends could be fully rotated around in the “Friends” menu, like how you can rotate your own Mii in the “Edit Mii” screen. This would grant the idea of making their models rotatable much more merit.

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