Suggestions for Pikmin Bloom Improvements/Updates

Hi I think it’s a good idea that your steps at the and of the day are the same the next day. (I think the steps that are counted with your smartwatch, when you cannot have your phone with you, like at work, seem to dissappear the next morning)
This way it doesn’t take up to 10 days (or more)to get to the next level.

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and this was this morning :thinking:

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Hi, I would like to suggest two features :

  • Adding the possibility to favorite friends (or even create categories!), especially if you have a large amount of them. Can be easier to invite them to mushroom battles for example.

  • Adding sorting Pikmins by name, on addition to existing options.

Thanks for reading !

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You could favorite the pikmin you’re currently trying to build friendship with and sort by favorites. This is what I usually do and once they’ve gotten their 4th heart I unfavorite them.

I especially like the filters available for PoGo!

I think flower planting could be improved. I usually plant flowers when I’m driving because you get much more planted than from walking. That’s totally backwards from the point of the game. Also, you have to plant so much to make flowers bloom, I don’t want to walk around in multiple circles to do that. Plus it takes so long to get to 250 flowers/1 coin. As many have said, this game just feels like it wants you to spend money. I don’t mind spending a little money on a game like this, but like others have mentioned everything is so expensive.


I think it would be so fun to have a section for “mushroom battles” but it’s just mushrooms that your friends are fighting against. That way you have a limited selection, and friends have the chance to have friends join their battle! (A lot of us end up doing mushrooms alone sometimes)

This option would also honestly help a lot with the stress of not finding mushrooms some days too. :slight_smile:

I’m so sick of the animations and having to click to see what each person contributed to a challenge, when they already show it through a bar graph. I realize that someone is proud of this programming development but they can also be proud of creating a button to let us skip all of this. It makes the game tedious and I often want to quit playing completely.

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@Allison0729 I was about to make a topic to suggest the exact same thing and then I found yours!

This would be a really interesting feature, may you implement this in the game please? It would be really nice.

Thank you for the time and support you spent on this game, it is greatly appreciated!

I would like for the devs to rotate the strength of each colour of pikmin for event mushrooms.

If you don’t have the required decor pikmin, the purple pikmin are always the strongest, followed by the rock, red, yellow and blue, white, and lastly, winged pikmins. Basically, the even mushrooms show the rank of strength of the pikmin just like when there were brown mushrooms.

That means, the winged pikmins will always be the last to get to max strength/friendship. They should start varying the strengths of these pikmins every event. Maybe the winged pikmin are strongest against a different kind of event mushroom for one event, disregarding special decor pikmin. Then, next event, it would be the blue ones. Next event, the yellow ones, and so on and so forth.