A few tips for new players that are getting started on Pikmin Bloom.

Hey! :leaves:

Pikmin Bloom is a mobile game that encourages people to go on walks. It’s pretty cool, right?

There’s also ressource management in that game, surprisingly! So here’s a few tricks to get you started.

  1. If you’re gonna feed your Pikmins, make sure the maturity stage on their heads have reached the ‘‘Bud’’ stage. You’ll get double the petals if you do so! And if they’re not in the bud state, feed them white Nectar, it’ll get them up a stage too.

  2. Keep your rare petals for events! Don’t go around planting rare petals/seasonal petals around unless you’re sure you can get more Nectar of those, because they’re extremely hard to get, especially if you haven’t unlocked Mushrooms yet!

  3. Try to always keep a few Seedlings for events aswell, since a lot of tasks require you to pluck one, two or more. Make the most out of your walks, so remember to plant your seedlings before going outside. Planting flowers makes growing seedlings faster, too!

  4. Try to manage your Pikmin storage space. Keeping a few ‘‘doubles’’ of the same Decors is fine, but if you want to get a maximum of Decor Pikmin, you’ll have to release a lotta them, unless you pay for extra storage.

  5. Expeditions stay in your inventory for 3 days, so always get the limited-time Big Flower fruits before they poof away! You’ll get the rest later if you don’t have enough Pikmins for it, currently.

  6. Keep your coins. Keep. Your. Coins. Do not spend them unless you’re really sure what you’re doing.

And most importantly, have fun!


If you’re low on white nectar, plan on feeding them around noon or later, when they’ve budded automatically. During you lunch break you can give your budding pikmin a ration of your precious seasonal nectar.

If you can spare the storage, try retaining event pikmin that may come in handy for next year’s event. For example, Easter eggs from last year are still strong this year, though not as strong as bunny pikmin. Also keep in mind there’s no certainty that they’ll have the same event each year. I’d get rid of duplicates that I’m guessing won’t be in a future event, such as roadside. But then again, you never know…

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Also at the end of the event, save those seasonal nectar and petals for next year, unless you are in dire need of nectar or petals to complete a task.

For order select whatever you want, usually is max to low.
But if you hit another time the same order, without changing to other, it reverse doing it from low to max.