Decor Pikmin Comeback suggestion (2023 red and purple flower card)

Continuing the discussion from Spring event Pikmin strength error:

Initially released in 2022 (so slightly misnamed) I was hoping for one last chance at the red and purple “2023” Flower Cards. The first release was difficult as it was all about step count, I did better the second time they came around in 2023 but those 2 specifically only had an option to buy the complete set quests and at the time I only needed 1 last one for both red and purple (which would have been kinda a waste to buy the 2 sets so that I could get that 1 Pikmin per set).

I had hoped to get one last chance to at least buy the opportunity to complete those sets but with the release of the 2024 flower card Pikmin I’m scared I won’t have the opportunity. The 2023 blue and yellow Pikmin flower cards had the option to only buy 1 Pikmin so I was able to complete them, but it feels like the red and purple got overlooked and never got the opportunity for a single Pikmin purchase. Could it maybe be given as an option for the anniversary event? Like the 2.5 event for a purchase option…

Also would like more events where you can get the Pikmin from shrines seems crazy to have so many shrine Pikmin when it’ll be years before I can even attempt to go to Japan

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Even though I live in Japan, shrine Pikmin are VERY crazy (there are three detector shrine choice points near my house, and I have two more to complete, but the road is long).

Like shrines, I believe that adding more “not cute and too many” deco like Hanafuda, Mahjong tiles, playing cards, etc. will hurt the user’s experience.

There is an illustration of a playing card deco on X that a Japanese user came up with, and I am all for this kind of thing.

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I do agree. Having more cute Pikmin than one with something stuck on it would be nice. The airplane ones are cute for example. And that playing card suggestion from X would be awesome