FYI, Battle Participants don't get the same rewards

I just wanted to share this info in case you weren’t aware. I had assumed everyone got the same reward but that’s not the case. Today, I battled some bizarre mushrooms with a family member and we got different rewards when the battle finished. For example, I got blossoms and some cookies, while my fellow participant got a spacesuit seedling and more cookies :unamused:. After another battle, I got the better rewards :smirk:.

It’s always RNG, the fruits doesnt even have to be the same.
And the box neither, since halloween 2022

My brother usually gives me white seasonal flowers picked in mushrooms, I give him blue seasonal nectar in the same method.
We walk and plant together, the fruits from big flowers in those are random in the same color (can give a lemon to him and a orange to me), have to be the mushroom battles (we do them together, too)

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Walking and planting with another really helps with blooming flowers :+1:. @Arnaisz are you and your sibling at similar levels? My family member is new to the game and at a much lower level, so I sometimes don’t want to invite them to some of my battles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I’d feel as if I’m letting down the other strong participants. But if there is no chance in reaching another star during the battle then I’ll do the invite​:smirk:.

@KippyPippy Both level 100, we walk a lot (plant we are extremely lazy)

And we know about the RNG very well, we are even more extremely lucky. Our local player it isnt… she miss 3 halloween candy in 2022. Have similar level to us and we do those event mushrooms, the 3 dailys, together