Pikmin are stuck after recievin or dicarding a postcard

If you get a postcard after expedition pikmin are stuck in the screen and blocking the queue. After restart the same happens.

Video :


I was about to post this bug, I have the same thing, only thing that fixed it was turning the game off, delete cache, and the Pikmin was gone.

But he arrived again, giving the same postcard I did not want, whether I accept or decline it, he freezes and I cannot get rid of him, please fix this because I cannot collect rewards this way.


I experienced the same problem several times. I had to restart the app to clear the problem. I don’t have to go as far as clearing the cache.
For now I will try accepting all postcards and deleting them later…I thought the issue was only when discarding postcards from missions but haven’t been paying close attention… It wasn’t until I noticed pikmin carrying invisible objects later. And it was usually my coral Pikmin :expressionless:


I get this a lot. Plz fix the assets loading issues.

I had to wait many seconds, a lot of wasted time waiting. It is hurting the experience.

All this waiting for images to load EVERY FRIGGING TIME.

Startup, try open up everything & so on

And ffs, plz revert postcard change, i dont want any of these garbage.


This is exactly what is happening to me. If you pinch and zoom out, you’ll be able to see the postcard floating there in the air high above the Pikmin that’s just standing there. The effect of course is that the queue is completely blocked, and the Pikmin who is holding the item is not available, especially for mushroom battles. This makes it very irritating when you’re trying to hit The coral mushrooms, because it is always a coral Pikmin that gets stuck.

I can’t receive rewards and I can’t send these Pikmin out for other quests.

This only happens with coral mushrooms for me. Please help! because of the blocking of the queue, the game is becoming unplayable!

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It floats there forever, even if you change out Pikmin with the whistle or try to collect something else.


Blue coral showing disbelief at the floating postcard…

After I restarted the app, my pikmin reappeared, this time holding the postcard which I accepted and then promptly deleted. Blue coral was freed from the postcard burden.

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This keeps happening to me. I have tried restarting and accepting the postcard, rejecting the postcard… I’ve tried so many things but it just doesn’t help. And then I can’t get the rewards from the next mushroom I battled. It’s so inconvenient and frustrating and I’m considering uninstalling it because I can’t do anything.

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I have this too!

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Hello @La2 You can check the link: Known Issue category for an update about the issue you are experiencing and also try restarting your game that might help with the issue.

I think the main crux of the issue is this: fixed or not, having to now deal with accepting/declining a postcard after every single expedition is a terrible design decision. Most people I know have a full stock of postcards already - they don’t really serve much of a gameplay purpose - and now interacting with them has been multiplied exponentially to every task you do in the game. Who thought this was a good idea? Decisions like that which bog down your players get people to quit playing your game.

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Restarting the game does not fix the issue. Clearing the cache does not fix the issue. Turning the game off for a long period of time and then turning it back on seems to occasionally fix the issue? But in the meantime, the queue is blocked, the coral Pikmin are stuck and cannot be sent out to other mushrooms, and the game is becoming unplayable.

Still a problem. Still on coral mushrooms.

ANY chance of a fix incoming?

This is also happening to me and I can’t resolve it, so I can no longer receive rewards from mushrooms and get my pikmin back onto my active roster. Please fix asap. It’s ruining my chances of collecting the coral pikmin.


I don’t have problems receiving or discarding postcards as long as I wait for the postcard image to finish loading before selecting an action. I believe this is mentioned as a workaround.

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I gave the waiting for postcard to load as a workaround. Still got this.