Playing card Pikmin strength not correct in mushrooms

I am seeing a similar issue to the one on the last day of the Spring Event. Namely that the playing card Pikmin aren’t showing as stronger against mushrooms at the moment. Is there another bug?

Hi @TeaGirl555! Welcome to the community forum.

We appreciate you notifying us about this issue. As of now, we have not received any similar reports. We recommend reinstalling the app and checking again. Also, remember that Playing Card Decor Pikmin are most effective against Bizarre Mushrooms.

I think there is a clear advantage against event mushrooms (screen attached).
However, for normal mushrooms it is only a petal advantage, and if the client version you are using is low, there may be problems.

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The issue with last day was that the easter pikmins decrease the damage randomly (many player have it, a few dont) both in screen or after sending them to event mushrooms. With the life of the event mushrooms it was a great loss for them.

But outside of that, event pikmin have a little boost to habitual mushrooms, but it’s not the bonus for event mushrooms (only 20 damage more, instead of 200 from event mushrooms) With that bonus increase your damage a little, but not significantly (a pikmin with full golden hearts have more damage)