[Compensation done] The last day of Spring Festival Event: Decor Pikmin's strength against mushrooms does not increase

Correction: Corrected eligible user conditions regarding mushroom participation. Sorry for making confusion.

There was an issue where the “Bunny Egg” and “Easter Egg” Decor Pikimin are not stronger against the mushrooms on the last day of the Spring Festival event. This issue affected the users located in a timezone later than Japan. It was resolved on April 30, 4:28AM (UTC)

Also, as a token of our apology, the following items have been granted to eligible users.

Eligible users

All users who meet the following two conditions on the last day of the Spring Festival Event

  • Played in a time zone later than Japan
  • Participated in mushrooms from April 29, 15:00 to April 30, 4:28AM (UTC)

Receipt due date: June 30, 2024 23:59 (UTC)

Granted items: 2 mushroom recharge tickets


  • If you can not see the item dialogue, please try restarting the app.
  • Please note that you will not be able to receive the items after the receipt due date.

This is unsatisfactory, event exclusive rewards were denied because of this glitch.


This is crap. I would have played in mushrooms but saw that there was a glitch. Contacting anyone was useless. I didn’t get compensation because I didn’t join a useless mushroom because it would have taken 5 days. This is absurd. Rewards were denied because of this glitch and now some people don’t get anything. WOW. I wouldn’t expect less from Niantic at this point.

I was confused because when I charged my Pikmin at the large mushrooms they just downgraded from 3K to 1K. Was disappointed at my rewards being 1 stars