I got a Chess seedling today, was that a bug?

Aren’t chess pikmin out of season right now? I think I got it as a Giant Mystery mushroom rewards, and was thinking it should be a bunny or egg seedling. Is it just misnamed?

I was invited to a giant mystery mushroom battle in Japan though it is still Friday PST here. Not sure if time zone related bug. I’m not positive I got it from the battle because the seedling description says my local city.
The reward included 100 chocolate bunnies and the giant seedling. I saved a screenshot of the rewards since I was so pleasantly surprised, but the image doesn’t indicate the type of decor other than generic special category. So I’ve included screenshot of the seedling itself showing Chess category.

Regardless of how I got it today, surprised it is a chess decor.

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Hi, @KippyPippy! We are thrilled to welcome you to our community forum!

We’re sorry to hear about the trouble. Could you please contact us via in-app support so that we can help you further?

I contacted support and reported it as an unknown bug and it said that I wouldn’t get a response about it and closed the conversation. How do I get a response to my question about getting a chess Pikmin?

Hi, @Faerietxn! Welcome to the community forum.

I see that you reached out to us via in-app support. Rest assured, we are looking into it and will respond to your ticket.

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I submitted my inquiry to in-app help bot. Incidentally, today participated in another giant mystery battle and was rewarded with 100 bunnies and a gold spring sticker seedling, thank goodness. Also I went through the effort of growing my huge chess seedling and it was a disappointing chess pikmin as feared :face_exhaling:. As I don’t need any more chess pikmin I released it out to the wild…

Assuming this is a time zone issue, it makes me hesitant to join battles that take place in my “future” if the rewards aren’t going to be as expected :pensive:. I think I got burned in the past by another similar situation.

If this cannot be fixed, please at least add a reminder to the event detail blogs about this limitation. Good luck in describing it so it makes sense.

@KippyPippy! Apologies for the inconvenience. Please ensure your device’s time settings are set to automatic. Also, now in the Spring Festival, joining Mushroom missions may reward you with Huge or Gold Seedlings for Spring Sticker Decor Pikmin, along with Chocolate Bunnies.

It already is set to automatic.

To summarize, all mushroom battle participants, regardless of their location/time zone/locale, should get the same rewards.

The problem was that my local date was still Friday, but I joined a battle that was located in Japan (I did not physically travel there, I’m in the US) where the local date is Saturday and the giant mystery mushrooms started appearing, the app rewards seem based on my device’s local date, and being Friday, the giant mushrooms haven’t started here locally, so I presume that’s why it didn’t reward me with the proper seasonal pikmin.

I think it should reward whatever the mushroom’s locale is giving out.

Likewise, if it is Sunday over here in the US and still spawning Giant mushrooms during an event and I invite a Japan player to join the battle, But it is Monday for them locally and their local event is over, they should get the same rewards that I get since the event is still in progress here.

@KippyPippy! Thanks for your feedback, and I completely understand your concern. However, this issue occurred due to the user’s local time. There was a problem where, when invited to participate in the “Easter Mushrooms” event in other countries, the seedlings sometimes obtained were “Chess” Decor Pikmin seedlings. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved. For more details, please refer to: [Resolved] April 12, 2024 Chess Seedling rewarded when participating in Easter mushrooms in other countries - KNOWN ISSUES - Pikmin Bloom Support Community

It wasn’t added as news when you realised your error, your mistake but I lose out.

I received my huge seedlings as duplicates, so I deleted them for petals, can I have them returned now I know they will grow as gold? Very annoyed as these and some chess pieces (I was ill with Covid19) will be my only specials gaps, well unless you count the shrines which are nearly 13 million steps away from me!

Hi, @LesleyJW13! Welcome to the community forum.

This happened to users who were invited via Bullhorn to destroy the Spring Festival Mushroom in the countries where the event had not started yet due to the different time zones. The reward received from it fell back to the Chess Decor seedling.

Fortunately, this issue has been resolved. For more details, please refer to: [Resolved] April 12, 2024 Chess Seedling rewarded when participating in Easter mushrooms in other countries - KNOWN ISSUES - Pikmin Bloom Support Community