Postcard Management Suggestion

Please add a history log feature that shows what postcards you’ve sent to friends. Some friends keep send me the same postcard, I’m assuming because they’ve forgotten they sent it before.


I can only speak on my behalf, but I expect this issue affects a sizable segment of the player base. Due to the close proximity of certain mushrooms, I end up receiving the same few battle postcards repeatedly. (Specifically, the mushrooms within range of my work and home.) By receiving constant duplicates it becomes quite a chore to delete the unwanted postcards, and it’s reached the point that I avoid attacking mushrooms unless absolutely required for an event or level progression,

To remedy this, I would strongly suggest the developers add a delete postcard button on the mushroom challenge postcard collection screen, (as depicted in the jpeg) to allow players the ability to quickly delete unwanted duplicates.

I appreciate the time and consideration. Thank you.


Hi, @TickMagnet! Welcome to the community forum. I’ve merged your post with a related thread for visibility.

I actually feel like adding some categories to the postcard organizer would be better. Like have it organize by who sent it to you and by type of postcard. If it could organize By player having every postcard from one friend, then every postcard from the next would at least make it less of a struggle trying to keep something from each friend who sends postcards (and if you have some postcards from different friends who left the game or defriended causing a blank card that can’t be sent they could all be grouped together and the ones you pick up can have their own separate spot from it) another one would be to organize by it by event postcard type like all the Easter ones together and the Valentine’s ones all together for example


But I love the closeup of @TickMagnet purple pikmin :smile:

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I would like if you could sort by quantity so I could see postcards from the same location that I have the most of first or the same special event types. Right now I sort by distance and have to scroll through looking for ones I have a lot of.

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