2024 Coral Status 🪸

Ugh, heat wave over here :hot_face:. Trying to get out earlier in the day to avoid the worst of the heat.

My status: mission 3, stage 3. I’m one battle away from getting my aloha shirt.

6 coral Pikmin, half are red. I need yellow, white, and purple. I like the decor. The coral looks like a growth out of their head and I like the addition of the starfish for accent.


It’s too hot and too muggy my place (Japan) even during rainy season.

I’m on Stage 4-1 and cleared Mission 3 two days ago. May clear Mission 4 today.
I have 7 Coral Pikmin and waiting for red and yellow.

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Wow, you guys grind! (Or visit more than once a day, lol)

I only have 2 of the SAME coral pikmin, already got the sunglasses but nothing else? :frowning: wishing i had more!!!

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I’ve just completed Coral Pikmin on Stage6-3.
I have 13 Coral Pikmin now.
I cleard Mission 6 and may clear Mission 7 tommorrow.

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I’m on stage 6-3, mission 6.
13 coral pikmin, need yellow to complete the set.

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Finally got the yellow coral and completed the set!
Currently mission 7 and stage 7-2.
16 coral Pikmin.

I also have 3 summer sticker pikmin, no duplicates yet. Used my replay ticket today to replay weekly flower planting since it is giving out summer sticker seedling.

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