Cant change the mii avatar

I read to some people that they cant change it.
I try to change it with ‘Edit your mii’ but the mii editor doesnt open.
The same with ‘Update your mii’, there isnt response.
I say to my brother if he can try it, no response to both buttons.

For an external attemp, I go to my nintendo’s account web (without using pikmin bloom) and change the shape and color of my mii. It change for my-nintendo, only for that.

my nintendo avatars

The last avatar, the one with the red mark, it’s the avatar that I have selected in pikmin bloom.
I try to update it, no response.
This is my actual mii in pikmin bloom, none of my nintendo’s account are similar to this

I do all the troubleshooting before changing it in nintendo’s account, and later again.

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Hello @Arnaisz ! Welcome to the community forum. It would be best to contact us through the in-app support feature so we can assist you better! We’re hoping to hear from you soon!