Edit Mii

Impossible to edit my mii or to update my mii on the app

It’s been months (6 months exactly), and can not access to the “edit my mii” or “ update my mii” on my profile !!! I click on both of the buttons and nothing happens it’s so frustrating…. I contacted the support every week but they don’t do anything I already tried to remove the app multiple times…

Hi, @jujuubee! We are thrilled to welcome you to the community forum!

Try these suggestions and see if they work:

  • Check that cookies are enabled and use your phone’s web browser to access Nintendo

  • Update your Mii and save it on the Nintendo page. Minimize the browser, but don’t close it.

  • Open Pikmin Bloom and select the “Edit Mii” option.

  • Select “Continue”.

  • Tap “Select this Mii” and “Yes” after selecting a Mii.

You will be redirected to the app, where you must save your changes. Give these steps a shot, and try updating your Mii again. If the issue persists, write to us via in-app support, along with the screen recordings, and we can look into it.

Also experiencing the same problem. Trouble shooting suggestions above had no effect.

Hi, @dienyddio! Welcome to the community forum!

Please reinstall the app try the above troubleshooting steps again and see if you can edit them. If the issue persists, write to us via in-app support, with the screen recording, and we can look into it.