Event Challenges...

I’ve been able to pass lots of the quests easily except for this…

How can I plant 700 peonies if I don’t have any nectar or flowers? So I need help getting nectar because I don’t know how.


If you haven’t already done so, join the weekly challenge to grow flowers. The reward includes peonies I think.

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The reward for planting 30,000 plants for the Weekly Challenge is an petals of various peonies(sorry! not extract).

If you work super hard, you can farm buttons of each color using that petals as a starter (white is quite difficult, but not impossible).

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If you’re after nectar I would recommend battling mushrooms that aren’t event mushrooms. If you can get 4 stars, especially on large mushrooms, I feel like the game is somewhat generous. Also don’t forget to produce double petals by giving Pikmin nectar in the bud state.

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