Getting event specific flowers - suggestions

My friends and I find it difficult to get certain flowers for events. Example for the current event is getting baby blue eyes.

A possible suggestion: being able to trade in other event flowers for desired event flowers. Like exchange 5 sweet peas for 1 baby blue eyes.

It’s really discouraging when I get stuck on the same challenge for a long time because I cannot get more flowers to plant. Large blue mushrooms also seem extremely rare


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Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll certainly pass it along to the team.

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I agree that there should be more normal and large non-event mushrooms. I have not seen any mushrooms other than event and small ones for more than 24 hours now.


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I needed to plant 560 baby flowers had over 500 and it only took 59 off needed this happened again to me and then to a friend taking less than says we had . So it makes you have to buy them…

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Since August when I joined Pikmen Bloom, I have gotten stuck on Stage 3, except once, because I don’t have the right flower. It seems to me that the needed flower is usually a new one and not very available, and it also seems to me that this is done on purpose. It’s not very enjoyable to be constantly frustrated with getting stuck, when the rest of the game is so enjoyable.


I was really disappointed to get sweat peas from this week’s flower planting challenge. We should’ve got lily of the valley instead. I’m overflowing with sweet peas and have no use for them for the remainder of the year.

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I know the specifications for the flower planting challenge, so I wasn’t disappointed and had expected that the reward will be sweet pea petals.
My team completed flower planting challenge on the first day, so I used the sweet pea petals to plant flowers on the last day of the Earth Day event.

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