[Improved] How step counted in 2 days Community Day


The number of steps displayed in the Lifelog is reflected by obtaining the following data available from iOS or Android.

  • iOS: Step counts in Apple Health
  • Android: the fitness information of the Google account linked to your Android device (the app’s own step counting mechanism in the child’s account)

However, if the app is running in the foreground, the number of steps is added using the device’s motion sensor. However, this step count will be overwritten when the data obtained from the OS is updated.

In addition, the data on the number of steps in each OS may increase once and then decrease. We confirmed that this may occur when a smartwatch or other device is synced to a smartphone, but not limited.

In order to avoid compromising the step counts mission, the step counts will not decrease once the progress is recorded. However, for the community day in May which held 2 days, the way the step count was reflected was different from the ordinary community days.

Specifications of the normal Community Day step count

  • The maximum number of step counts that have ever been registered in the lifelog on that day is recorded in the mission.

Specifications for the community day in May which held 2 days

  • The maximum number of step counts ever registered in the lifelog on that day will be recorded in the mission.
  • In addition, if the number of step counts in the Lifelog decreases, and progresses again, the increment will be added to the mission. This tends to increase the difference between the lifelog and the mission compared to an ordinary community day.
  • The step counts mission in the other events are using this spec.


After June Community Day, we have improved to use the specifications of the normal community day step count in the 2 days community day.