Our plan for improving app performance

Thank you for playing Pikmin Bloom. We also thank you for the many reports and requests we receive from our support community.

We have received a lot of feedback about the performance of the app since the v67 released on April 10th JST, and we sincerely apologize for the time it is taking us to improve it. We are currently working on improving the issue as the prioritized task.

Please keep on reading to find out about what our development team is currently working on. As soon as the improvements are implemented, we will announce them in the in-app news release notes or in the support community.

Thank you for your patience.

  • Due to crashes caused by insufficient memory, we are reducing the amount of memory required to play the app.
  • We have identified areas of high load on devices and are working to improve it.
  • Improving the app loading process to reduce the time required to launch the app.
  • The app has been freezing with strange screens or messages in the expedition screen, garden screen, shop, planter pack display, etc. This issue will be reduced by improving memory and CPU performance as mentioned above.