People who join the weekly planting challenge but don't plant flowers/Option for a private weekly challenge group.

I feel like there’s so many people who join the weekly planting 30000 flowers challenge and do absolutely nothing but still get rewards. Ive seen other people completely carry the challenge and people think it’s ok to not at least plant a little bit, its just not fair lol. I feel like there should be at least a minimum you need to plant to get rewards. Am I too anal about this?


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Hi, @patobucket!
I wouldn’t worry about the flower planting weekly challenge.

I often plant flowers late at night on Sunday, start the Weekly Challenge on Monday, and then stop planting flowers.
This allows me to sleep in peace knowing that I will get Monday’s free coins almost by Sunday, and in some cases, I will finish planting 15,000 flowers (and get 60 coins). If two people have the same idea, the 30,000-flower challenge will be over by Monday morning.

Suppose, before you go to bed, you think, “I have to register for this week’s challenge,” start it, and go to bed. If you are going to use a system where the reward is simply reduced because you didn’t plant it, I am against it, because there are times when you wake up and the challenge is over.
*However, there are quite a few opinions similar to yours in the Japanese community. As one solution, please try “inviting friends who don’t play Pikmin Bloom (friends from other Niantic games or people who don’t play anymore)” to fill the participation quota!

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Thankfully, I don’t see those types very often, and so far, not more than one out of the 5 team members. While a bit annoying , I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are unwell or maybe the weather is really bad where they are. Maybe they do all their walking on the weekends, after the challenge has already been met. But yeah, why can’t they shuffle around a few steps at least?:snail:

The weekly flower goals seems easily reached by mid week, so it doesn’t bother me so much.

What gets me more riled up are people who join the 100k steps challenge and barely walk at all.:sloth:

They have the option of joining the shorter distance. :triumph:

I think the challenges should start on a Friday to capture weekend steps when people have more time to exercise. Maybe the devs think the challenges would be completed too soon in that scenario.

At least in my experience I’ve come across fewer of those non participants in the big step challenge than the planting challenge.

It’s so annoying. I want to play with people who play the game. We should be able to kick people out of the group if they don’t contribute. Actually I’d prefer to just set my group to private and not have randoms.

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I’d like to be able to set my group to private. I have a group of people I regularly invite. If one can’t join, the game automatically fills the spot with a random. Almost every random I get doesn’t contribute. (Whats the point of playing the game if you’re note going to play?) I’d much rather the spot stay empty so I can invite a different friend.

I get that the random invites can be good. But we should be able to set our group to private.

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Hi, @patobucket I agree, because sometimes I have to deal with these people too! lol, I get frustrated because the rest of the team has to do the work.