Pikmin is not budding still leaf head


After a whole day, my pikmin head is still leaf instead of bud which normally will occur after certain time of the day. My pikmin in my squad however is bud but they have max heart so there is no need for me go feed them nectar further. Please investigate

Hi, @benyong552! We welcome you to the community forum.

By putting a Pikmin in your Squad and going on walks with it, the leaf on its head will eventually grow into a bud even if you don’t give it nectar.

If you give a Pikmin a lot of nectar at once and continuously collect petals, the flower on the Pikmin’s head will eventually disappear. However, it is temporary. Try restarting the app after some time and see if the issue is resolved.

In previous versions, Pikmin’s heads would automatically change from leaves to buds 8 hours after the first time you started the app after 4am.
However, it seems that this specification has changed since around February of this year. I’ve been recording data for about 30 days, and so far the time the Pikmin heads turn from leaves to buds is random. After the first launch of the app, the leaves will automatically turn into buds in just under 5 hours at the shortest and over 9 hours at the longest. At the same time, I am logging number of steps taken and the number of flowers planted, but there is no correlation between time turn to buds. The only thing for sure is that they won’t be in bud before noon.


I did not feed the pikmin at all yesterday and the whole day it is just leaf. Restart and all it is still the same issue. I am referring to the one that is not in my squad. Furthermore the issue still persust today

Hey @benyong552! The changes will solely affect the Pikmin in the Squad, not the ones on Standby. As you know, the timeline is random. We do not know when it will change to bud again.


I think your answer is not answering my question.

Anyway I have to re-install the app to get it work again, that is all those on standby to bud after certain timing.

For the first day, the whole day my standby did not bud. Second day it was till about 6pm when I re-install then it budded. Please investigate.

Hey @benyong552! I appreciate your observation. We’re glad to know that reinstalling worked. Thank you for taking the time to share this. I’ll certainly pass it along to the team.