Poisonous Mushrooms Should Have Slightly Different Colouring

Heyo. I was elated over the addition of poisonous mushrooms to Pikmin Bloom, for many reasons. The biggest reason was that I felt as though they were perfect to have alongside the other mushrooms. However, I do have a slight issue with with them…

All the other unique mushrooms (Fire, Water, Electric, Crystal) have a very distinct appearance and some particle effect which completely enshrouds them. Poisonous mushrooms, on the other hand, are very easy to confuse with regular white mushrooms to me.

To remedy this, and in general to make them feel more exotic and unique, I would love if they were given a sort of teal or turquoise colouring, instead of a plain white one. The poisonous gas which is emitted by them is already a wonderful touch, but I feel as though this colouring change would be a very good idea. This would also make them fit in more with the Pikmin franchise, as this is the colouring adorned by the Venom Dweevil enemy, the Moldy Dwarf Bulborbs, the Moldy Slooch enemy, and the Toxstool enemies. All of these enemies have this colouring and it is incredibly distinct from the appearance of every other enemy in the Pikmin franchise.

In conclusion, please tweak the colouring of the poisonous mushrooms to have a teal/turquoise sheen to them. It would help tremendously for people (such as myself) who have issues with eyesight and who easily confuse poisonous mushrooms with regular white mushrooms, and it would be a great change to make the game feel more connected to the Pikmin games.