Technique for Big Flowering with Fewer Petals

One of the techniques I posted in the old Japanese community is called “Kechi-Kechi-Flower Planting” (introduced in many blogs and YouTube videos here and there).

If you plant flowers with 40 Pikmin in formation about 18 meters away from the center of the Big Flower, you can plant 36 flowers in the Big Flower. If you stop flower planting after 8 seconds to avoid wasting petals, and plant on the east, west, south, north and west sides of the Big Flower, you can plant 144 flowers.
If you plant again 5 minutes after the first planting, the total number of flowers is 288, so if you do it a third time, the Big Flower will bloom and you can make the Big Flower bloom with 9 or 10 petals. You can further reduce the number of petals by planting while moving, but this is not recommended for safety reasons. Also, a location with access to all 36 meters around the Big Flower is required.

One application is to plant the majority of the flowers using the designated rare flowers and the remainder with gerberas of the same color.

It is not necessary to do stingy flower planting in all cases because it is labor intensive, but it is a useful technique for white rare flowers and blue rare flowers, so give it a try.

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