Are we still getting Spring Sticker Seedlings from Mushrooms?

Every weekend I’ve battled the Giant Spring Mushrooms and gotten a Spring Sticker Seedling in the egg along with the chocolate bunnies. I don’t recall getting any SS seedlings in the normal Spring Mushrooms but always in the giant ones. I know it doesn’t say anywhere that I’m guaranteed to get one but I’ve battled 5 in a row and haven’t gotten a single one. This in addition to the issue with the strength boost for the event pikmin and event mushrooms makes me wonder if they ended parts of the event before they were supposed to. I spent all of my coins joining giant mushrooms trying to get the last Spring Sticker pikmin and if it’s not working right that’s not cool. Has anyone gotten a spring sticker seedling today?

Yes, I got a Spring Sticker seedling this morning from the one Giant mushroom challenge that I joined. Haven’t joined another since then, due to the strength issue. I got two Spring Sticker Pikmins from a total of 6 mushroom challenges this past weekend.

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I got a ton before today but none since midnight Monday morning. My daughter got one seedling from a mushroom that ended before midnight - she didn’t collect until this morning and none in the three battled today. Oh well. I suppose it’s over now.