Flowers aren't blooming what they say it will be.

Something I’ve noticed recently while planting, the bud will say what it will be but it will bloom something completely different, my most recent example is when the bud said it will bloom Yellow Sweet pea but it bloomed Baby Blue Eyes instead. I will keep monitoring this and take screenshots as well.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Haven’t noticed any problem. But it starts saying what it will be in the beginning, if you plant different flowers after it may change. You have to plant 151 yellow sweet peas for example to make sure it will be a yellow sweet pea. If you plant 149 and then start planting baby blue it will show yellow sweet pea for close to the end as it will have more of those, but just the last two flowers will change to have more baby blue and you will get that as in the end you planted 151 (more than half baby blue). If you don’t plant more than half it can become anything.

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This could occur if other players plant different flowers simultaneously, leading the big flower to bloom differently than expected.

I have noticed that when planting a previously released flower, there is a small chance that it will bloom into the flower that was released the following month.

Screenshot of a Cherry Blossom bloomed using >150 red Plum Blossom petals:

Screenshot of a red Camellia bloomed using >150 red Poinsettia petals:

The only flowers that are guaranteed to bloom if >150 petals of a certain flower are planted are roses and the currently featured flower. (Sweet peas for April 2024)

Did anyone else try to plant white flowers today to grow giant white sweet peas? Were you able to get them to bloom?

I spent hours today planting regular white flowers around giant seedlings, including fresh ones still at 300 flowers needed. Not a SINGLE one became a white sweet pea, only yellow or red. Is this a bug?

I’ve read in reddit that white flowers can bloom into random colors and not guaranteed to bloom white. I had similar frustrating experience trying to bloom white hyacinths not to long ago.

It would be nice if this is confirmed as a fact or not.

I had thought at the time that some other walker in the vicinity was planting non-white flowers, spoiling my attempts.

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If it is a community day, planting only gerberas will produce the flower of the month (sweet pea), but usually planting only gerberas will not only produce gerberas, but in rare cases, the extract from the mushroom of the month will produce flowers.

Also, the probability varies depending on the flower, but planting only white flowers does not always result in white flowers. Moreover, the mutation probability is quite high, and it is quite difficult to “farm” white flowers.


Does anyone know why it is so difficult to get white flowers?
Even when i plant 100% of white tulips (similar for other types) i nearly never get any white tulip, so my white tulip stock decrease…
Tired of this
Can developpers do something for this ?

Hi! @Patriste62

White flowers are difficult to produce for two reasons. Basically, the color will be the color of the flower you planted the most, but only white will be that color if there is a certain amount of color (and few people plant white in town because there are so few white petals), so it is easy to color them in the first place.
The other is mutation, which follows a mutation rate that varies from flower type to flower type (and is probably adjusted accordingly by the management), so there are cases of “coloring” even when white is planted predominantly. The problem is that this mutation rate is as high as 50% or more, making it difficult to intentionally produce white flowers. In my experience, the most recent cyclamen and sweet peas are “one in four that turn white”.
The high mutation rate of the latter is the factor that “makes the game unnecessarily difficult”.

The technique for effectively planting white rare flowers was not introduced on the English site, so I will start a separate thread here.

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