Why multiple Pikmin

Is there any value in having copies of the same Pikmin, like five yellow Pikmin with white chef hats? Or should
I just delete the extras?


Non, il n’y a pas d’intérêt à garder ce type de pikmin en double sauf pour les pikmins ailés qui vont tres vite pour les expeditions.
Il faut aussi garder les pikmins speciaux en double liés à un event en cours qui tapent plus fort les champignons :wink:

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The only reason you may want to keep them is if you don’t have enough yellow Pikmin yet to form a full team against a yellow or electric mushroom. Also some event pikmin are much stronger against specific event mushrooms (like currently Easter pikmin against Easter mushrooms) so in this case you also may want to keep multiple Pikmin of the same type.

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Hi @cookmom1, @timdeschanel, @Gargish! Welcome to the community forum.

You may release them if you have more than 40 yellow Pikmin already. If not, you had better to keep them.

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I keep getting repeats of the same characters ! Im not going to be able to get all the Easter characters in time. I got the same 3 characters 3 times !!! You should get a different one until you have themll all ! I put $ in my gametime and it’s really frustrating me ! PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM :pray: :innocent:

Hi, @WitchyBo0! Welcome to the community forum. I’ve merged your post with a related thread for visibility.

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Based on my experience in the game the Easter and bunny eggs will most likely come back next time the spring event comes around. Last years came back with the bunny’s so I don’t see why the bunny’s won’t be back. (2022 did not have a spring event just an event that could give 4-leaf clovers (it didn’t return this year, but honestly we’re better without it, it’s the same Pikmin you get with parks)

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Keep getting repeat playing card pikmin?! Is there any issue?

Hi, @kevchao! I’ve merged your post with a related thread for visibility.

No, it is not an issue. Please note that you’ll meet them at random and are not guaranteed to complete the whole set.

What’s the purpose of playing but unable to obtain the whole set?!

Jak mám smazat pikminy abych měla více místa? děkuji za odpověď

Hi @helcik89! Sorry for replying to you in English. We welcome you to the community forum.

You can remove it by going to its profile and scrolling down to find the “Release” option. Click on it, and the Pikmin will be removed from your account. Keep in mind that releasing the Pikmin cannot be undone.

Any response?

Hello, @kevchao! These rewards are given out randomly, and there’s no guarantee for a specific one. Nevertheless, I encourage you to keep playing, as it increases your chances of collecting the complete set.