Event Fatigue 🥵 + Motivated by costume rewards

It feels like it has been non-stop, back-to-back events, and now they are overlapping. I don’t recall having this many events last year unless I’ve simply forgotten…

Looking forward to the wonderland theme costumes. :smile_cat:

Also looking forward to the 2.5 anniversary and Koppaite pikmin since haven’t collected them all and I think they are cute. I wish my Koppaite costume would give me a boost of some sort.

Right now the costume rewards are my biggest motivation to get moving outside and plant flowers.

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From my perspective, it’s more about the repetitiveness. Events often feel like last year’s event but with another sugar coating. Collecting gifts becomes poems, becomes chocolate, becomes charms. Even the event mushrooms aren’t really game balanced. Last months event shroom could be easily battled with five players, this months shroom is harder (even when you have event Pikmin from last year’s event).

I have no problem with events, I like them. Events motivate me.

Next month’s mushrooms will be even harder than this month’s spring festival mushrooms since no event Pikmins from previous events have increased strength against bizarre mushrooms. To balance next month’s event, chess piece decor Pikmin should be made stronger against bizarre mushrooms for the first week of the event.

But we have Flower Card Pikmin, quite a lot, in fact.

Hanafuda Flower cards, mahjong tiles, now playing cards… Very repetitive. When an event category has a large number of pikmin variations I’ve learned not to have the hope of obtaining each type. Getting all the costume rewards is more in reach. So if an event ends with me lacking the remaining pikmin, I no longer get upset. Earning the final costume is satisfying enough.

I hope I can stay motivated to reach level 100. I’m in the game for the exercise.

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